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Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Ep. 12 - Are schools preparing pupils to be ‘future ready?’

May 05, 2022 NetSupport Season 1 Episode 12
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Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Ep. 12 - Are schools preparing pupils to be ‘future ready?’
Show Notes

Welcome back to Of Primary Importance!

In this podcast series we are exploring all things EYFS and primary with different topics and special guests each fortnight. 

In this episode, we are joined by Evo Hannan. Evo is passionate about design and innovation in education. Innately driven by his desire to create positive change, Evo has utilised his 20 years of teaching experience to channel into projects which have made an impact across the globe, including The Agency project and Ed Talks Live-a live YouTube talk show which engages in hot education topics with guests from around the globe. This inspired him to take a step out of the classroom in July 2021 and start his own education venture called Innovation X, a big thinking company created to help inspire new ideas to move education forward. He recently launched Innovation X’s first service called Vertigo, a social media agency for schools and education partners, that offers a modern streamlined approach to community engagement, growth and communication.

In this episode we discussed:  Are schools preparing pupils to be ‘future ready?’

Here are some of the questions I asked Evo:

·       What has it been like going from teaching to having your own business?

·       What do you think are the key skills that pupils need to be future ready?

·       You feel the opportunity for pupils to be creative and independent isn’t really being explored and that schools aren’t catching up with the innovation. Why do you think that might be?

·       What do you think about the way that pupils are assessed, and do you think that is a fair judgement of success?

·       What have you seen working well in schools?

·       Are there any training or resources you would recommend and how can people get in touch with you?

·       What 5 things would you want pupils to learn for them to be future ready?


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Kat Cauchi is the product manager of ReallySchool and the editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine.

She is also a former primary school teacher, member of the Global Equality CollectiveTechnocamps  GiST role model, and Global EdTech author.