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Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Episode 17 - The Charm of Chess

August 01, 2022 NetSupport Season 1 Episode 17
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Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Episode 17 - The Charm of Chess
Show Notes

Welcome back to Of Primary Importance!

In this podcast series we are exploring all things EYFS and primary with different topics and special guests each fortnight. 

In this episode, we are joined by Hari Neocleous. Hari is a Chess Teacher and Primary Maths Intervention Specialist. She regularly writes for Cherubs Magazine and is currently studying dyscalculia at university. 

In this episode we discussed ‘The Charm of Chess’

Here are some of the questions I asked Hari:

You are really passionate about chess, where does this passion come from and how did it start for you?

Is there still a gender gap in chess?

Chess is steeped in history, could you tell us a bit more about that?

There are lots of ways chess can be linked to the curriculum, can you give some examples of how you have linked it in?

  • You mentioned before you had lots of interesting discussions happen while exploring chess with pupils, can you give us some examples of those kind of conversations?
  • What impact has the COVID pandemic had on chess?

  • How can schools go about introducing chess?
  • What exciting things have been happening in the chess world?
  • How can schools support staff with teaching chess? Would you recommend involving parents and if so, how would you include them?

  • How would you recommend people get in touch with you and where would you recommend they access resources?

You can follow Hari on Twitter at @hari_neo21 and on Instagram at @the_maths_nuts

You can also check out Chess in Schools and Communities for free lessons and resources! 


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Kat Cauchi is the product manager of ReallySchool and the editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine.

She is also a former primary school teacher, member of the Global Equality CollectiveTechnocamps  GiST role model, and Global EdTech author.