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Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Episode 19 - ‘Empowering students with physical disabilities.’

October 21, 2022 NetSupport Season 1 Episode 19
NetSupport Radio
Of Primary Importance Podcast by ReallySchool: Episode 19 - ‘Empowering students with physical disabilities.’
Show Notes

Welcome back to Of Primary Importance! 

In this podcast series we are exploring all things EYFS and primary with different topics and special guests each fortnight.  

In this episode, I am joined by Ellise Hayward to talk about ‘Empowering students with physical disabilities.’ Ellise is a motivational speaker, AAC mentor, and an advocate for SEND and Inclusion. She is currently studying Health & Social Care at College. Ellise has cerebral palsy and is passionate about sharing her experiences to raise awareness and empower others with physical disabilities. 

“My name is Ellise and I happen to have cerebral palsy. I’ve always been very accepting of my disability, always try to look on the positive side, and always try my best in everything. I’m a strong-minded person and do anything I want to do. My disability isn’t a barrier, I’ll always find a way, I’m forever pushing myself to be the best version of myself. Even though it might take me longer, I get there eventually. I’m a motivational speaker and an AAC mentor. I speak to schools, colleges and universities about my life and my own personal experiences. I’m very passionate about spreading awareness of cerebral palsy and inclusive behaviours. In the last year, I have spoken to University of London and University of Plymouth students who are training to be Speech and Language Therapists and SENDCos. I was also a guest speaker at the Somerset SENCo conference in 2019. I have given whole school staff online CPD sessions.”

Here are some of the questions I asked Ellise: 

  • You have had quite an amazing communication journey, could you tell us about that? 
  • What were your experiences like at school?
  • How did your family feel about your education?
  • You are at college now, how does your education experience differ now?
  • What have been some of your challenges growing up and how have you overcome them?
  • You are very passionate about speaking about your cerebral palsy
  • could you tell us why you are so passionate about this and who you work with on this?
  • Ellise, you are so inspirational and have achieved so much- what have been some of your highlights?
  •  You have always been determined to not let anything stop you, so I'm wondering what are your ambitions and what is next for you?
  •  What are your top tips for someone working with a student with a physical disability?
  • What would you want someone with a physical disability to hear right now?    

You can follow Ellise on Twitter at @Ellise_Hayward_ and on LinkedIn at  Ellise Hayward.  You can also check out her flow page for more ways to get in touch and to see her motivational videos. 

You can follow me (Kat Cauchi) on Twitter at @ReallyschoolK 

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Kat Cauchi is the Product Manager of ReallySchool and the Editor of R.I.S.E. Magazine. 

She is also a former Primary School Teacher, Member of the Global Equality Collective,Technocamps GiST Role Model, and Global Ed